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Our experts collaborate closely with business owners, management, and entrepreneurs to restore, sustain and enhance the long-term goals of our clients.


Scan International is a business consulting company that aids startup companies, entrepreneurs as well as small and medium-sized businesses in North America, EMEA and Europe. We provide our clients with a wide range of services, including creation of business plans, business consulting, systems implementation, IT support and building IT framework along with sustainable optimization modelling.

Grow Your Company,
With The Help Of Our Financial Solution Services

To improve the long-term financial health of businesses, our experts collaborate closely with entrepreneurs, business owners, and management. We assist Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs with business planning and management planning as well as systems implementations along with providing sustainable modelling through optimization techniques.

  • Business Consulting
  • Business Management
  • Systems Implementation
  • Sustainable Optimization Modelling


Our experts begin by assessing the business framework of our client, figuring out where our assistance is required. The next step is implementation of systems that can range from CRM integration to any IT support or framework required to secure business development. Our deliver system doesn’t stop here, and clients can opt for custom and sustainable optimization modelling to help secure the business in the advent of future events. Our services are open to small setups, startups, independent entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized companies.

Bespoke Systems Implementation

Generally, entities focus too much on either top-down or bottom-up approaches and miss out on core components that would smoothen their business processes.

Sustainable Optimization Modelling

Living through turbulent times came in the form of COVID-19, modelling business frameworks for the future is almost a necessity for business to stay afloat..


Scan International uses a methodical approach to streamline those procedures, assisting businesses in achieving their objectives. Our constant tracking of the functioning of various steps in a business process determine the success of the business process.


Initial Consultation


Information Collection & Assessment‚Äč


Delivery of Prospective Solutions


Systems Implementation and Sustainable Optimization Modelling